Chalky palette and chapati’s

It has been two whole days since I painted and the palette colors are chalky and falling off! And I sat down to think what could be done to possibly prevent that from happening.

Then, I spend about five minutes in the kitchen thinking about it some more, while making chapatis. Then I cleaned up for the day, loaded the dishwasher and fed my boy!

Then I brought my supplies to the dining table and tried to drop large drops of water into the palette cubbies to charge the chalk and coax it into watercolor. I was tempted to look for my mister and water dropper, etc. to create paint out of chalky bits.

Exactly five minutes later I realized that the only way one could actually stop color from chalking in the palette is ….

By painting every damned day.

Simple and effective, right?

But then, life gets in the way!



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