Banana leaf chronicles – SS20 and SS21

Here is the actual post about all things banana leaf in my artwork archive.

Banana leaf chronicles August 2020

Last year, I sat in California imagining the components of a full spread banana leaf meal, a classic South Indian spread, a culinary delightful adventure that calls to me every so often! it so happens that it called to me this week too!

See below for some chronicles from spring summer 21

Features Banana Leaf Chronicle SS’21

With this scene in the watercolor workbook, as many of you have been following along, I could not help go down to South Indian rice paddy fields, wrapped in a cotton podavai (saree) and hug a potted banana plant to bring with me everywhere I went. And this was just a nostalgic from the past week of watching so many Tamil movies, rearranging my sarees and thinking of elai saapad (banana leaf meals)

These layers of nostalgia are always with me, in my explorations and in my everyday thoughts. I am glad I found a venue to express them through art and am very grateful to have been given this gift of learning via the #watercolorworkbook by Sarah!

I’ve had such a blast creating this piece that I happily got lost in those folds and layers surrounding the potted plant! 😂 see below for some layer and process pictures!

Scene building – pen and ink render – banana leaf chronicles SS21
Layers and colors for banana leaf chronicles SS21
Layers and pen and ink

Hope you enjoy this piece as much as I did creating this piece! ❤️🙂

PS: if you have not gotten yourself one of these workbooks, I highly recommend it for any watercolor party you want to belong to! Head on over to @themintgardener ‘s handle to see the genius behind this beauty!


with gratitude
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