SS22: Savory studio dispatch


I wanted to share some studio and life happenings with an interesting watercolor exploration coming your way.

The past month has taken me into small projects in and around the studio. We recovered from a COVID exposure so the dwelling has literally been in and around the garden which was a blessing because we never eat outside otherwise.

Other than that, I’ve been up to a handful of other things this month! It’s been busy, as you can read below!

If you have come so far, you should know that I had embarked on a project to redesign my website so I can share some of my projects, allow myself some sketchbook time and stay productive in the studio. If you ask me what the goals are with this space, I probably have nothing specific now but I’m sure with a potential digital landing space, it allows for a connection and other possibilities to open up! That itself is exciting!

I have been reading(books) a lot more that I normally do. I am revisiting some reading sessions with my son with the Magic tree house series. I’m reading ‘Motherhood, facing and finding yourself’ by Lisa Marchiano. See below some discoveries one may face through the book. I’m just seventeen percent in and I’m gaining so much insight. The other books are mostly pen and ink and painting reference books lying around my studio desk, quite fun those ones are!

I took a good long walk to explore a newly opened public neighborhood park. I spotted lots of interesting things among the community garden LEAF Fremont which has now officially been given prime street space to grow edibles in large containers. I am on a waitlist to see if I can get a bed to grow some fun veggies in the future.

I have my social media doomscrooling under control, thanks to screentime lock features on my phone. I have also uninstalled my work app on my phone (yay) which results in sending me to my desk when I’m fully ready to work and not while cooking and spending time with family! It’s going well the past two weeks, I must admit!

I took a creme puff making workshop with Hetal Patel of Milk and Cardamom. It’s safe to say that I’m going to enjoy making these crème puffs for more get together again soon!

Crème puffs, from scratch!

I have been exploring the line in my Brooklyn Sketchbook project which I will send to the Brooklyn Art library for a digital and analog archive soon! Will share the work subsequently in my project page around mid-August, watch out for a social media page turn with a fellow creative Nikita who I did this sketchbook with! Somehow, surprisingly we let each other accountable during this process! Lots to explore, learn and grow!

This then leads me to a much anticipated trip to Brooklyn in the fall for an exciting workshop. I am eagerly planning my trip to Brooklyn to be with my inspired mentors Ohn Mar Win and Samantha Dion Baker for a day long sketchbook workshop! yay! I’m sure to make significant improvements with that trip!

I took some time off to rethink life and relationship progress just as we enter another school year. Somehow it seemed like a significant sit down and ponder moment. I topped that off with a haircut! 🤣 but it feels a little liberating to allow healthier futures!

Okay! I re-read my post and now I feel like I am prepared to take on a new school year this August! Much has happened in July, just like any other summer season I suppose!

I’m navigating this post and wonder that this may come across as a list of things that went by, but some part of my brain likes to chronicle this as these lists in short paragraphs, if only to jog one’s memory!

I hope you enjoyed this! please let me know if you would like to hear more about anything else. As always, thank you for stopping by!



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