Draw together grown up table

If there has been an uptick with socially connected networks, particularly for artists, it would be probably a good side effect of the pandemic linked isolation that we all went through.

As a parent who was tasked with homeschooling for a good part of 2020, I remember participating in Wendy’s live Drawing sessions with our son to learn about the fundamentals of art, color and showing up every Friday to do some fun painting together! It was an exciting time.

Just earlier last month, Wendy announced that there was DrawTogether for Grown ups releasing and I jumped right in (as I always do). The first week was about finding delight during your day, and draw it. The second week is underway and it has been about drawing in grids. It’s been a good time so far, it takes about 30minutes of exploration and equal time posting on IG.

This teddy is finding a new home soon
Grid explorations

Going forward, I have in my head so many series of paintings I want to make to enable a fun collection of things. I must add, it will happen, all in good time.

It is September 26th as I continue writing this post, or rather a month into the #drawtogetherGUT club and I can already tell the work of the grown-ups is hard.

It takes me down the path of planning our lives around the already existing chores and things and allow time to slow down to paint/draw and introspect! Unbelievably challenging yet liberating at the same time!

This week’s assignment (its September sometime as I write this) was to dedicate a sketchbook for the GUT Club, and I did. I’ve been wanting to explore larger format paintings and I feel like this would be a good place to do it. I have been exploring using oil pastels mostly but I’d love to look further into the process and get a grip on the wrist movement and freedom that this large format allows!

Self portrait moment
Sketchbook first few pages for #drawtogetherGUT
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