SS22-September slacks over to October

The slacking this month has been to get us at home all settled into a new routine that involves children, work and the absurd ignorance to climate change. It’s also a moment in time when things are ridiculously expensive around us in California. What has this irrelevant and ill-timed war done to us all?! With that, my rant is over.

I tried to regroup to make some art with friends and amongst the Draw Together for Grown Ups (#DrawtogetherGUT) community.

I try to not be frowned and drowned in work, but this month brought in some steep challenges.

But in the studio, we had an ant infestation, which is probably an interesting story. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures because I acted as swiftly as possible once I saw it. The what brought the colony lines inside the studio and straight into the water cups I leave out for my painting.

Thinking of my paintings, I probably need to make sure I allow myself this rut. Do you see the try and try (but did not succeed in September!)

Onward to a brighter note now, shall we?

My work will now be residing in a friend’s home. I had these lotus painting framed and gifted to our friends for the new home. I somehow felt very warm and cozy as I framed this piece to gift and share. It gave me an impetus to step outside my studio and send my art into the world, in this case, in a friend’s home. I had started this painting when they started to look for their new home and she was sharing the ardous process that they were going through. As I came to finishing this piee, they invited us over for a luncheon celebration and I felt it was time to share this piece. 🙂

Water lilies for a housewarming

My work with nature and fruits and vegetable have been true to form, but lately, I have been veering into a new path and it thrills me! I am having SUCH a good time with those explorations. See some images below to enjoy the fun!

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