October 21: Solo trip in the cards for some sketchbook workshops! And some reflections later!

I’m heading to Brooklyn in a week to spend an entire day with the talented Samantha Dion Baker and Ohn Mar Win.

I’m going to immerse myself on this trip to my painting and observation skills, with a goal of finding my style and actually committing to it.

When I saw the announcement for this workshop earlier this year, I jumped in to grab a ticket and wanted to spent time improving my work and painting/drawing skills.

I’ll update this post as the workshop progresses and more on my Instagram for you to join in!

Thank you for following along! I’ll update soon!

November 6 update:

Gathering guts and paraphernalia to go outdoors and paint! (Plein air much?)

I am back at my Bay Area studio, and to my regular routine of work and family life.

I sit at our dinner table and reflect on the weekend of fun sketch booking that I explored in Brooklyn.

A. Having a supportive family to nurture a creative practice is as important as the practice itself. This is what has supported my art, yoga, gardening etc. I write this in gratitude, for being able to reach and belong to such a support system and lifestyle.

B. Trust your work and trust the process. Be flexible.

C. Start going on and just spend 8-10minutes sketching your view, no matter what it is, a park, urban street, anything. Find a good spot to either stand or sit to begin. That’s it, just begin, read number 2., then just go for it! This is what I have been telling myself for the past week in my Niles studio and I love it!

D. When I doubt, come back to your sketchbook and this post, to gain confidence.

E. Find a likeminded community, or likeminded artists to share your creative practice with. Surround yourself with artists of various kinds, to allow a dialogue and change in perspective to improve and allow growth in your work

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