Gathering paraphernalia (and guts) to go outdoors and paint, in Brooklyn and the Bay Area (Plein air much?)

I am back at my Bay Area studio, and to my regular routine of work and family life. I sit at our dinner table and reflect on the weekend of fun sketch booking that I explored in Brooklyn.

The weekend that was at the end of October was so enriching and I had so much to talk about, so much to paint that I’m finishing this dispatch almost mid November?

It’s a good sign, let me tell you, to be able to take on these paintings and sustain a painting practice in the margins of your day!

The Crux of it all lies in the few key observations listed below, I’m hoping it would give me a good energy in the future. Also, way below is a gallery of my sketchbook pages! Hope you like it! 😃

Okay, now for some key reflections!

A. Having a supportive family to nurture a creative practice is as important as the practice itself. This is what has supported my art, yoga, gardening etc. I write this in gratitude, for being able to reach and belong to such a support system and lifestyle.

B. Trust your work and trust the process. Be flexible.

C. Start going on walks during your breaks and just spend 8-10minutes sketching your view, no matter what it is, a park, urban street, anything. Find a good spot to either stand or sit to begin. That’s it, just begin, read reflection #2 above; then just go for it! This is what I have been telling myself for the past week in my studio and I love it!

D. When I doubt, come back to your sketchbook and this post, to gain confidence. 🤣

E. Find a likeminded community, or likeminded artists to share your creative practice with. Surround yourself with artists of various kinds, to allow a dialogue and change in perspective to improve and allow growth in your work.

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