Happy New Year 2023! It’s going to be Golden!

Starting this beautiful year 2023 with a blank template, literally empty and without a thing that needs my immediate attention!

It’s perfect in a way, a quiet solitude that does not occur in my life often.

Unbecoming of so much that I knew of myself, I’ve taken the past few weeks with a pinch of salt, learning, being patient and looking inward to a much simpler life!

I am letting go of the garbage I carried with me and welcoming a newness that is necessary!

I write this in a solemn breath, indicative of a new pathway being formed into the future and all that is required of my energy and self to keep that path going into a wellness well.

Alright, I sit up with a square shoulder and happy faced in the evening, after a handful of pencil sketches into a blank page, to welcome my sketch practice to the year 2023.

My word for this year is ‘GOLDEN’

It comes to me at a time when I’m attracting some projects involving classical Tanjore painting art techniques and being open to learn more and apply that to contemporary work for a collection that’s brewing in my head this year.

Another aspect of ‘golden’ for me is to dwell in richness. Richness of thought, action and perhaps using the bright spark to work over dullness and embody a beautiful aura. 🤩

I want to look back at 2023 and swell at the wealth and prosperous year it brought to our family. The luminous aspect of golden should penetrate our everyday lives to bring a high degree of excellence!

I love how a word can transform one’s mood and potentially a full year!

I leave you with this inspiration and the sketches that came about this morning.

Sending you golden light!



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