In which, the readiness of the mind does not match the body, in travel and back.

Art practice during travel, especially ones involving South India include a lot of ideas and versatile imagery that my brain is bombarded with, but none of that is reaches paper. I let it soak and simmer and it is showing up in the studio slowly, in February!

It’s been no art making for me in the month of January since most sketches are exploratory and most ideas are invigorating for new collections to come, yet, the body is limited to a time-bound ‘feed and rest’ frenzy, taking advantages of motherland love.

But I write this post from California. It is sunny but freezing in California and I’m enjoying the quiet contemplative mode of the place, even in February, to allow projects to brew and breathe into my life.

Meanwhile, my body is getting used to a lot, the weather, a new routine, a different viewpoint of celebrating it, and slowing down. It’s been a different journey, and a slow one, thankfully!

Like I mentioned earlier, I started my first ever Tanjore painting and have reached an important milestone in the embossing. Click on the line to read on. I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am enjoying creating and learning about this wonderful South Indian art!

And I leave you with something that happened in the studio below! Cheers!

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