Tanjore painting – part 2

The studio sees a beautiful creation and welcoming of a slow life this year, and I embrace it with much gratitude.

I spoke about the one personal piece I’m working on in the previous posts here, and here.

So much of this creative practice lies in slowly breathing, focusing and belonging to a community that is learning about this wonderful art, famous in South India called Tanjore painting. It celebrates the richness of our culture, embodying the heritage using gold, precious stones and meticulous detailing and art language that is celebrated for centuries.

A lot needs to be spoken about the work of the classic South Indian painters, there are experts like the Tanjore collective who can guide you all. This post, however is to document my journey in creating this personal piece. I leave you with part-2 of the Tanjore painting which now has taken on a lot of meticulous detailing which I’m going to soak up and enjoy! My hope is that you join the celebration with me and hope that this inspired you to take on a classical art form which needs to be uplifted by a newer generation!

Do you see that when I start the color blocks for the flower garland and make the gold slightly antique finish, a lot more classic effects show up.

Lovely matte finish against gilded backdrop

I woke up to this reveal this morning and wanted to share here to remember that feeling. It is a milestone realization in Tanjore, a feeling of joy, and my sister concurs! She is the OG classical painter of our household!

Absolutely fulfilling morning on this cold rainy Sunday!

Studio views of the process
Studio still life of Tanjore painting



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