Sustaining a creative practice, amidst a busy summer life.

Earlier in May 2023, I decided to slice off 10hours of my regular work day so I could gain back my mental health and peace .. I usually spend 15minutes of my lunch and after my workday to do quick sketches and things at my drawing desk.

But I will consciously start a schedule and block my calendar for those moments so I can start tracking and making meaningful projects and paintings.

To be honest, it’s these kind of rules that help me manage my family life, work life (the career that pays my bills now) and creative life. There is, however, no guarantee that this may pan out the way it was supposed to anyways, but I’m willing to try!

Somehow, I’m not sure this will work, because most of the time when I have creative hour blocked, I’m staring at a blank space, but if I need to let out an emotion or express a feeling as a resultant of any conversation I had in my life, the paint flows more freely!

Trying to manage a full time working schedule and being there for my creative practice, in addition to being an engaged mom among other things does not lead to a sustainable life.

By consciously drawing the boundary on the work life hours, I’m committing to spend quality time to actually plan and schedule studio time and actually work towards it. Goal setting for myself is probably the only way my creative path can steer towards a meaningful place, is what I’m telling myself.

I should be able to keep work, studio and family things in their own buckets and in their own lanes. Perhaps they may need to merge at some point, but I’m going to go with the bucket thought right now.

So here I am, penning down thoughts about a shift in routine, to engage differently at work and home. Let’s hope this works out well, I’ll write back at the end of summer.

Thank you for reading along, what plans do you have for summer schedules?


Radha Hayagreev

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