What May looked like in my studio!

I’ve been mulling with scattered painting in all the sketchbooks around me. I must admit, I have several sketchbook explorations (sizes, textures, colors) running in parallel right now, and it’s hard to keep up. Instead of thematically arranging my sketchbooks, I have learnt to embrace the chaos, that’s what I tell myself, in order to not let that come in the way of some paintings.

Hopefully I will be able to clean up the messy bits on my studio desk and get along with everyday practice at the studio, but I have not a clue how I am sitting on mountains of art stuff and now it seems to have gotten out of hand it looks like. But see below, for some snapshots of the paintings, these make me smile! I hope they make you smile too!

I’ve been able to paint in the garden and also plant some edibles in the garden finally! It’s been long overdue this year.

Hiking around a lake for Memorial Day.

I went on a beautiful long walk with my family and spent a gorgeous day at the nearby park and it was nourishing! I’m inspired by the colors I saw and painted out a color swatch and developed a tiny painting study that’s been brewing in my head for long.

Tiny painting study

It’s been a very busy month in May at work and at the studio, life can get very demanding and I struggle to maintain my energy level at its optimum. Somehow end of school year is been additionally overwhelming to keep track of several events and things to help our son succeed. Why does our work schedules not align with school schedules? Why do we continue to accept this misaligned system? I always wonder! With that, I happily welcome the month of June with energetic days and a painting collection, hopefully soon.



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