A summer studio dispatch – of art supply and stuff!

On my studio desk right now are stacks of paper. Scattered around those stacks of paper are sketchbooks of varying sizes. I had at least 6-7 recycle bottles for my brushes and pencils which I’m consolidated into a long narrow organizer to make it easily accessible.

Below the corner desk is some unused canvas rolls, gift wrapping tissue and paper, a paper bag of assorted crafts and things. a keyboard, a ergonomic mouse and two yoga blocks.

Above this desk, against the corner wall are clear acrylic drawer storage of various erasers, glue sticks, paint tubes and a container of sketching and writing supply. Two clear containers of drawing and painting supplies, including glass paints, ink, gauche paints, tape, paint boxes, leftover Holi colors, more tape and Vaseline lie scattered. Can you tell, I’m typing this sitting at my desk?

Many other open containers, tiny trays, three glass jars for water cups and a tiny bag for studio cloth scraps and another one with the Tanjore painting stuff remains in its assorted mess.

Summer studio messes

I write this at a point here in summer where a lot of purging work has begun at various places in the home, the living room and my son’s school desk. It is an effect of that action that led me to describe this mess in my art studio, a corner of a spare bedroom at home.

Since my time in the studio needs to be very succinct, much of this clutter needs to be removed and organized for easy reach. I have the walls filled with random objects too, but there are a handful of those visuals that bring me joy! All of them are not just framed paintings, there are some that were created by my son, some visuals are color swatches, a poster that says “move slowly think deeply” is by my window!

Looking out!

You see, I’d rather write three pages describing this studio than her around reorganizing this morning. And I accept that mood. In fact, I embrace it. The work of wonder now is to see how long I got to make this move from a chaotic mess that causes anxiety to a convenient mess that allows an arms reach of many supplies and things to make it easy to sit and paint.

Two hours later….

The assortment of things are grouped categorically, wall paper is arranged into story frames and hung properly, the poster is yet to find a frame but it will happen soon. File folders contain the sketchbooks, need to tuck that away at the storage desk. See below for a slightly improved desk!

After a little reorganization!

There are so many crafts and projects tucked away in this corner that if I just commit to ten minutes in the day, I can easily accomplish wonderful things and create wonder! Hopefully this month should allow for more painting sessions here, now that I made more space, right? will report back soon!



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