A bit of a struggle

Juggling through the summer with children’s camps and while working full time has been hectic! It’s been a refreshing Saturday, when I’ve handed off the parenting chores to my husband and now sit with a ginger chai at my dinner table, kootu and Kai in the cooker simmering, to pen my thoughts into this blog post.

The long sentence that became a paragraph above, is the reason I’m sharing my struggle.

Recently, much of my energy has been scattered, I’ve painted only for a little, if at all, but I’ve been reminiscing about “Who am I?” as an exploration. I’m deep in thought about my work and legacy. I’m making mental notes while I read the book “Atomic habits” by James Clear. I am changing up the outdoor space at home, to make it more manageable for the future. I’ve created consistent meal schedules that we are enjoying every week.

Nothing above is interconnected, but my brain is somehow wired to make connections to the very many dots to make this story work. Maybe those stories need not be connected, and I need to see them in their own buckets.

A creative practice has helped me survive the pandemic, while reaping the benefits of learning to express myself in a fun way! I’ve been brave enough to allow my art to give me direction about my relationships!

I’ve gained clarity and confidence to move into a space that no longer needs external validation! In a sense, I’ve learnt to understand what free expression looks like, or at least dipped my toes into that water! It’s new, refreshing and a much needed solution to some struggles I’ve been going through!

This blog is a space where I am able to discuss the work of my creative practice, and speak to its benefits and recognize the drawbacks with it.

With that, I’m curious to know:

1. Do you struggle to create a story in your head with the many things you are involved with in your life?

2. How do you manage your head space and time-space?



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