A re~introduction and hello!

Hope this weekend is going well for you all!

I thought I’d stop by to show my face and a playful avatar that prompts this post!

🖌️I created this page to meet fellow creatives online, it’s also an outlet for very many of interests, if you scroll down in the main page, you’ll get a glimpse! 🙂

🪷I’m a South Indian immigrant, living with my husband and son in the Bay Area. I’m trying to celebrate our culture as much as possible, through our food, everyday practices with yoga and Ayurveda so we leave a continuum for the young ones.

📝I sustain a day job as an urban planner where I work with the diverse community and solve problems, and pay my bills!

🍃 I’m very interested in gardening and cultural stories around food and the Ag business!

4️⃣ fun fact: like many South Indians, I can speak four languages, it’s something we picked up living in a diverse environment!

🌊My watercolor explorations tend to go mainly towards mindfulness and slowing down, nostalgic paths and storytelling.

💭 I’ve got very many ideas brewing in my head about my creative practice, and hope they all come to life, one project at a time!

🧵My projects have been very varied, jumping from one to another, but I keep it sustained, through community and collaboration!

‼️I’m struggling to find out weave the common thread with all my projects, but my goal is to sustain a creative practice through them!

❣️ As my reader, I welcome from you an honest perspective of what you see through my projects!

As always, I’m grateful for you to follow along!



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