Branding for Heirloom Potager

Heirloom Potager stationary design

Spring 2021: I am leaning strongly towards a classic letter press card for Ashley of Heirloom Potager. She has been my big inspiration and support through my edible garden journey as well as an inspiration to my watercolor/pen and ink studio.

I pitched some ideas for her work last year and yesterday she asked me to do the spring harvest hat series for her brand. I took a good look at last year’s sketch and decided to rework it.

2020 version of the Spring Summer hat draft sketch

The redesign of the Spring Summer hat included Ashley, and her bright smile, the classic black glasses, the unmistakable hat with some fun with garden finds. See below some behind the scenes process and snapshots of this process.

The design process for this was so fun that I wonder if I just took on the spring hat to then transform that to embody Ashley.

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