Custom collaboration

Custom painting or projects are a wonderful journey and collaboration for me as an artist and you as a patron.

The process for custom work usually folllows the patter below:

a. After you fill form and I review it, I will respond by email with follow up questions regarding project.

b. We then find a 30 minute window to have a video call or if we get lucky, an in-person hang out to understnad more about the project.

c. I prepare concept sketches and inspiration boards for discussion, typically 3 weeks from call.

d. We then meet with concept work to discuss and fine tune project

e. I reconfirm revisions and/or make progress into final project (typically 4-6 weeks)

I love custom projects, it is a unique opportunity to form a bond and make more connections. I want to celebrate and hone the slow life and would live to work on your project.

To give you an idea of what projects I have collaborated on, click here

I have designed for buildings, made scale models I garden, paint and I love cultural collaborations.

I am looking forward to hearing more about your work!

DM me and we can chat!




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Radha Hayagreev
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