Finding my way home

In this series of paintings, I explore the following questions.

What is home? What happens at home? how do we create a home? What is the line between house and home? What makes a home? Where is home for me?

You get to preview stages of the painting process as a creative process and how my work evolves from the sketches to a full painting!

Part-2 of Finding my way home series – ‘city and home’

Summer transition 2021 with pastels, inktober and a deep dive!

This blog is taking on a monthly theme and I’m happy. When I began this space, I wanted it to be slow and steady paced.

I have planned art filled months ahead of time for September and October to help me navigate challenging tasks and timelines at work. With lots of ideas to let loose on paper, my explorations take me to a space of fun and joy! I’m thinking about my watercolor and Gouache month in August and feel like I’m gaining confidence with that medium.

September is oil pastels with #coloricombo on Instagram.

The fun of oil pastels is the bold colors and the range of colors available to explore on paper. It’s a bit messy and I love that! I tried regular pastels but it was too messy for my studio, so I switched to oil pastels.

I’m having so much fun, I love making up fun things in my head as this moves along! I love that I’m able to make time to chip away at the small things with new mediums and hopefully will have a significant body of work to carry forward.

October is Inktober will be purely pen and ink! I’m inclined towards lettering and possibly storytelling in black and white! I am still on the fence with this one. I have some ideas on what to do for Inktober so I can draw stories – see more here

But I am trying to get more detailed story telling with watercolor narratives as I embark on Yellow Brick Road with artist Lindsey Stripling soon! I cannot wait for that workshop, it has been on my mind for a year now!

I struggle to sit for more than 15 minutes on a sketch, partially owing to my life in general but I am really not compaining.

I have learnt to chip away at each of my painting pieces nicely, in a manner that would allow for time away from staring at the piece to the time it would come back to you to really view it well.

Watercolor workbook and palette for #Worldwatercolormonth 2021

I’ve been happy to recuse myself to this palette this weekend! In celebration of world watercolor month, I have chosen to work on a watercolor workbook by Sarah Simon

If you scroll below, you can see for yourself the absolute joy it has been to share this beautiful weekend with this workbook.

In the beginning, I flipped through the sheets and was a bit hesitant to use this beautiful book as a workbook, but Sarah’s writing and step by step guidance nudges you into a world of fun and exploration in a way that is pure joy! It’s probably the most clean and organized color swatch cards I have of my paints! Kudos to this workbook.

Day 1: Paints on the palette, look at that glory!
Day 2: The adventure of paints and color mixing begins
Day 3 – Do not disturb this palette, artwork in progress

I bought the workbook in celebration of #worldwatercolormonth and I am chuffed that I did. I mean, it’s been just a few pages in and I’m having such a good time!

As a self taught artist, all my learning and growing comes only with experimentation and making mistakes. I grab every opportunity that leads me towards a space of learning and growing, and this workbook is one such example.

I also am part of local group of artists who gather every week online to be guided by a teacher / mentor about watercolor paintings, and it’s been endearing. We are all experimenting with our colors, learning and making beautiful pieces along the way! More of that later I guess.

The beauty of this workbook is that it already puts together a process in place for a nice clean flow of work that will become a beautiful collection of watercolor paintings by the end of this month and end of the book!

Day 2: Flexing the colors
Day 2: learning about wet on wet and and wet on dry technique
Day 3 of watercolor workbook art
Day 3: eucalyptus composition and those beautiful leaves
Day 4: Dahlias with a loose and fun floral technique
Day 4: Dahlia, the spills and some pen and ink texture
Day 4: Dahlia page side sketch

I hope to share more as I work my way through this book, I hope that you can ride along with me on this adventure.

Happy July the fourth weekend and have a good world watercolor month celebration.

Day 5: Another eucalyptus on Day 8 instead of Day 5 Because, you know, life happens!
Day 6: staying indoors in the crazy heat wave, staying hydrated and painting with watercolors
Day 6: cleaning up and loading a new palette, my hope is that it does not dry out too much! Let’s see!
Day 6: completed two pages and feeling awesome! Had a very productive watercolor day today!
Watercolor workbook sneak peak of just the first few pages
Day 7: it was a quiet Sunday morning of coffee and breakfast and watercolor! Perfect!

Cheers, Radha

Day 7: watercolor workbook sketch spread!
Day 8 came late: watercolor workbook
What day is it? It’s paint day!

A critical moment in my work was this morning. It was when the author of the workbook Sarah’s Simon shared my work on her page! Also, so much inspiration can be found on social media, particularly from artists, which is why I love Instagram and am truly grateful for the connections I have made there.

The Mint Gardener is Sarah Simon!
Painting on July 22nd was fruit blossoms
June 23rd Lupines
June 23rd lupines and it’s sketchbook page in pen and ink
June 23rd – Lupines, gladiolus and irises
Video of the gladiolus, Lupines and Irises
Month of Leo and Goddess Lakshmi
Story about the fisherwoman and Patru vada.
South India nostalgia
Still going strong and keeping no track of which day it is.

The picture above is the last but one composition and page for the watercolor workbook, it’s taken me so long to even get to this page, but it’s the work of everyday.